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Online Tutor Terms and Conditions

Effective from 01/07/2019

Online Tutor Terms and Conditions

When You make use of the Site and Emma Academy's Services and when You provide Tutoring Services to Your Students, You must comply with any operational requirements as directed by Emma Academy and as amended from time to time and in accordance with these Tutor Terms. You further and specifically agree to:

1). Assume all responsibility for Your role as Tutor and for the preparation and content of Online Lessons;


2). Accept booking requests made by Students via the coordinator which You will be notified about via whatsapp and a telephone call within a reasonable time frame.

3). Act at all times in accordance with the highest professional standards with the Students and the staff of Emma Academy. Tutors have to be punctual and behave, talk and dress up appropriately for trial lessons or regular classes.

4). If for any reason the tutor is not available to conduct a scheduled trial lesson or a regular lesson, the tutor should inform the coordinator at least 12 hours in advance or at the earliest possible so that the student is informed of the cancellation of the lesson and the class is rescheduled.

5). Ensure that the environment does not display any inappropriate images or documentation capable of being viewed by the student or parent/responsible adult when conducting a session.

6). Always ensure language is appropriate and not rude, mean, offensive or discriminatory.

7). Ensure any contact with the student is appropriate to your role as a tutor and confined to the relevant Online Lesson session. You will only ever contact a Student via skype; 

8). Advise Emma Academy at the earliest opportunity should Your circumstances change in relation to Your access to Emma Academy web login. You accept full responsibility for any Student Disputes raised as a result of issues connected to the performance of your skype ID affecting the performance of Your Tutoring Services. Provide the Tutoring Services with all due care, skill and ability and in a timely manner and in the best interests of the Student;

5). Any problem concerning a technical issue regarding a Tutor’s personal computer or internet service provider is not the responsibility of Emma Academy. You must use a headset and microphone (not loudspeakers) which must be plugged in and fully configured;

6). Notify Emma Academy immediately should You become incapacitated in any way and unable to provide the Tutoring Services temporarily or a minimum of 15 days prior should you wish to resign from your position as a Teacher. Emma Academy will notify all of your Student concerned. Depending on the circumstances, Emma Academy and Tutor shall discuss in good faith a possible postponement of the Tutoring Services and in relation to the particular Client affected, the postponement or reassignment to another Tutor or cancellation and subsequent refund if a fee is paid; Failure to comply with this policy which directly hampers the learning process of the students being affected and results in losses to Emma academy shall carry a minimum forfeit of 6 lessons per affected student (calculated as an average of 1.5 lessons per week) and termination of employment.

h). Inform your coordinator in case you cannot take a lesson on your scheduled day and time, or if you're generally unavailable. Ignoring calls, not replying to SMS and Whatsapp messages are completed unacceptable behaviour. This not only causes losses to you and inconvenience to the academy but it causes great inconvenience to the Students and causes them to lose faith in the academy and our other tutors.


i). After every lesson is completed, the tutor must call or whatsapp the coordinator immediately and inform us about the developments of the lesson. This enables us to accurately track your classes and update your payments. Emma Academy will not be held responsible for the failure of the Tutor in informing us that a lesson has been conducted which could further result in the teacher not being paid for that lesson.

j). If any student calls a tutor after a gap of few days/weeks/months of the trial class, then it’s the duty of the tutor to update Emma Academy/us/your coordinator about the same.

k). As a registered member of this website ( and / or an employee of Emma Academy, these terms and conditions are unconditionally and implicitly applicable to all teachers. 

As Tutor, You hereby warrant, represent and undertake to Emma Academy that:

a. You are at least eighteen (18) years of age and You have the necessary qualification or experience to provide the Tutoring Services in the subject(s) You offer in Your profile;

b. You are personally responsible for the information posted by You on the Site and submitted throughout the Selection Process which You state is accurate and up-to-date;

c. You are self-employed and responsible for Your own income tax, any insurance and other liabilities payable.

d. You will comply with all the Tutor obligations set out in these terms and conditions.

e. You shall comply to the best of your ability with Emma Academy's Tutor selection processes and you shall not knowingly withhold any information which you reasonably believe to invalidate you from providing Tutoring Services in accordance with the Tutor Policy.

f. In offering Your Tutoring Services via skype, You are complying with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice including, but not limited to, relevant legislation for the protection of businesses and consumers alike and which regulate the activities of the online environment;

g. You are not VAT registered and will not charge a VAT for Your Tutoring Services;

h. You are not prevented from working with children and Your name does not appear in any lists worldwide of individuals who are barred from working with children or with vulnerable adults.

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