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Emma Academy was founded with a dream

to help every world citizen speak English.


Today, everyone recognizes the importance of learning the English language. Moreover, the advent of the Internet has made learning English online a better option than doing it in a traditional classroom. The ability to speak and write English properly allows people to advance in the professional world. Being able to speak in English also widens one's horizon in communicating globally. Proof of the necessity of learning English is the proliferation of websites that offer English lessons online. Another proof is the increasing number of people who prefer this medium of learning every day.

Started in 2018, our founder, Mr. Cliffton Campos, CEO & Academic Director set out on this mission to give students access to the best English education available, and by working together with teachers from across the world, this mission will soon become a reality.

Our business model is not based on generating income but providing value and knowledge.

We believe that the English language learning should be accessible to all including the poor section of society and not sold as a luxury as all online institutes do. 

This is where EMMA ACADEMY comes in. We provide our students with the cheapest prices possible for learning the English language with over 75% reduction in prices compared to other online English teaching institutes.

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